In English 10 this year, I learned many things! We read Beowulf, Grendel, Macbeth, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, and Brave New World… I think I learned more in the second semester than I did in the first semester…. Truthfully, Beowulf and Grendel weren’t really the most interesting books to me, and Macbeth… Macbeth didn’t seem that new to me because I studied Shakespeare’s works in the past as well. However, in the second semester, we read about the Victorian Era and gothic literature and I think all three pieces that we studied were fun and appealing. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Dracula were quite similar and both taught me a lot about the Gothic elements and helped me to think beyond the logic and reasoning.

In addition, my writing skills improved a lot during my sophomore year. When I go back and read the reflections I wrote for Macbeth or even the one paragraph essays for the beginning of Dracula, I find so many mistakes and awkward sentences that I never noticed in the past. My writing still has a lot of space for improvement, but I think I improved a lot compared to the first day I walked into class. My first few OPEs (one paragraph essay) were basically a summary of the chapter and I could not clearly  analyze the quotes that I had found. However, now, I try to elaborate on my ideas as well as the author’s ideas and eliminate as much summary as I can in my essays. Furthermore, I became a lot more familiar with the various sentence patterns and the literary devices. I still have some trouble using literary devices in my writing, but I learned to spot a simile or juxtaposition when I see it used in a quote.

Overall, I think this year was the most interesting English class I took in my life and I really learned a lot. I always wondered what I learned from English classes, but this time, I really think that I am moving on with a greater knowledge of literature and how to cite a quote in the middle of a sentence.


Friday was SNOW MAKE-UP DAY. So we had to come to school and take all seven classes. Therefore, we only had fifty-five minutes of class (we usually have approximately eighty minutes), which was not enough time to do anything (even though our middle school classes used to be forty-five minutes and most of the schools in Korea have forty-five minute long classes…and they still get everything done…I guess five minutes are a lot of difference), so we decided to watch a movie! Since we are reading Dracula, our English teacher suggested that we watch parts of both the 1931 version and the 1992 version of Dracula.

The 1931 version of Dracula was a bit disturbing and different..probably because it was made like eighty years ago. The plot was very different from the original book, so the students and I were very confused in the beginning and our teacher had to explain what was happening. The film was focused on the Gothic elements and the actors were very different from the actors today. On the other hand, the 1992 version of Dracula had more action in it. We couldn’t watch a lot of the movie, but it was definitely more modern than the 1931 version. The only thing that the two films had in common were that the directors completely changed the plot to make the film more dramatic. For example, in the 1931 version, Renfield comes out in the beginning, which does not happen in the book. Renfield seems like he is Jonathan because he does all of the actions of Jonathan that are mentioned in the novel; however, he turns out to be Renfield.

Learning is very important. Currently, I am learning a lot of things is school. The thing I like about learning is that I can learn new things that I had never known before. Learning something new gives me a feeling of gaining knowledge. Since I am a student, I am getting a lot of stress and pressure about my grades. When I learn something at school, I feel like I am getting closer to my goals and plans for the future. This helps me to focus better in classes because I have hope that if I have patience and study hard, then my life will be similar to how I am planning it right now. However, this does not seem to work that well. I still have problems concentrating in classes, but I try to focus on what I am learning.

I love a lot of things. I love my macbook! I used to hate it at first, because it was so heavy and I didn’t understand how to use it. However, as time passed, I started to get familiar with it, and now, I can’t really do anything without my computer! I think I am becoming a computer addict or something, because sitting in front of my mac takes up about half of my day. I do most of my homework through it too, so I really have to use it all the time. Thanks to my awesome mac, I have a sore back and a sore neck and my eyes seem to be getting worse day by day.

I also love listening to music! I especially like k-pop! Actually, I only listen to Korean songs, because I don’t know the songs that are popular in other countries. Also, I like Korean singers, which eventually draws my attention to their songs.

I did an English project about music last semester where I researched about the effects of music on the human brain. I learned a lot when researching this topic. Apparently, listening to music while working can help enhance the progress and minimize the stress. I listen to music almost all the time when I get the chance. I always listen to it on the subway or the bus, and I even listen to it when I am doing my homework. I can’t listen to music when I am reading something, because the music seems to distract me a lot, but when I am solving math problems or just researching about something, I listen to music. I really think that listening to music can be helpful at times, but this is just my opinion and people who are distracted easily by music shouldn’t listen to it while working.

My biggest weakness seems to be my personality. I tend to get really timid and quiet during classes and I don’t participate often. This happens a lot during the English discussions. Occasionally, I have things to say but I am too timid to raise my hand and I wait until the room gets kind of quiet. However, while I wait, another student says what I was going to say..which leaves me with nothing…I start to panic and find something else to say and look for textual evidence; however, we move on to the next question. The discussion leaders try to help me by asking me for my opinion, but it is usually after everyone has said all the points already or right after I hear the question, which does not give me enough time to think over what I have to say.

To improve, I always think that it’s okay if I make a mistake and no one will care about what I say. If I think this, then I feel a lot better. Furthermore, I seem to do a lot better when I am with people I am close to. Therefore, I try to stay close to my friends and ask their opinion before I actually start to say anything.

I think Jennifer K’s blog is very interesting! She has a lot of pictures and videos that make her blog a lot more appealing and easy to read. Furthermore, her reviews on the different movies and actors draws my attention! Jennifer also has music coming from her blog, which gets annoying sometimes, but its cool because I can listen to music while reading her posts.

Jennifer’s Blog

The second blog that I thought was interesting was Janet’s blog. First, Janet’s banner is really cool and pretty. She said she made it herself using photoshop and its really cool. Also, Janet really likes mangas and she wrote a lot of posts on it. Even though I am not interested in mangas I still thought it was interesting because she has such a significant opinion on them. Most importantly I liked her blog post about chocolate.

Janet’s Blog

The final interesting blog is Sujin’s blog. Sujin’s blog is really pretty and cool. She has some posts that are not necessarily related to school and she seems to have her own voice in her blog. Additionally, her blog title is really cool too. It seems to be simple but it also seems creative at the same time!

Sujin’s Blog

Free topic!

Posted on: 2010/04/18

Another free topic!!! Which means..another pointless post about Super Junior! I wasn’t a fan from the beginning. At first, I saw their debut stage, and I was like…wow…there are so many people..what are they doing…..and then one day..I saw a tv show about them. The show was about one of the members and how he was having nightmares. I started watching it and I ended up watching the whole thing. It took my whole Sunday evening, but it was worth it..i guess….because it became the reason why I started liking Super Junior.

A few years ago, there was like only Super Junior and like everyone seemed to like them. I would go to school, and all the girls would talk about them. However, time passed and so many cool groups came out, but I didn’t betray Super Junior and continued to like them!!! Liking Super Junior led me to like many of the other singers as well. I like all singers that are from the same company as Super Junior, SM. I try to show support for the other singers from that company as well.